Parent Testimonials

Hear From Other Parents!

“First Congregational UCC Preschool made my daughter and I feel so comfortable from the get-go. Mrs. Hebble and Mrs. Handley are so passionate about what they do, and it really shows in the classroom, and through the excitement in learning my daughter expressed each day. I cannot say enough good things about our experience there!” - Emily T.
“I have had such an amazing experience with all 3 of my children at First Congregational UCC Preschool. The engaging, fun learning environment made my kids excited excited to go to school each day. They were even more excited to tell me all about what they had learned when they came home. You can tell that the teachers truly have a passion for what they do. They are so welcoming and encourage parent involvement in the classroom. When the time came, my kids were more than ready for kindergarten. The curbside pick-up and drop-off is definitely an added bonus too!” - Brittney P.
“Choosing a preschool is a big decision. In my case, being a stay at home mom, it was the first place my child was going to be without me on a regular basis. Being comfortable and trusting the individuals I was leaving my child with was a big deal for me. The teachers at this preschool made it an easy choice. They are professional and prepare children for kindergarten all while caring for them as if a part of their own family. Your child’s well being and safety will be top priority at First Congregational UCC Preschool all while learning everything they need to get them ready academically and socially for their next steps. The preschool also has an open door policy welcoming parents to visit whenever they like. This preschool family is one that your child will love being a part of and will make many memories with.” - Jennifer F.
“After my oldest child’s first year of preschool here, I am so excited by the growth I have seen. I truly believe that the teachers are dedicated to helping children develop a sense of self worth, confidence, and a positive attitude in addition to a love for learning! I am looking forward to sending my other two children through the program and watching them thrive, too!” - Jessica S.
“We had a really great experience at First Congregational. My son went both years and it was the first time he was ever away from me. I was very careful in selecting a preschool because I needed to feel extra comfortable with who and where I was leaving him for the first time. Mrs. Hebble offered that peace to me with the way she handled her students. I’ll never forget her bending down to my son’s level after seeing him upset at the preschool picnic and speaking to him directly, not asking me what the issue was. She spoke to him with kindness, understanding and respect. I remember being blown away by that moment and feeling so secure in the choice I had made. Mrs. Hebble never wavered from that type treatment towards all of her students. On parent helper days, I’d witness it over & over how she treated them like little adults and how she made each one of them feel special. Over the years, I’ve continued to recommend First Congregational UCC Preschool in Elyria because of how great Mrs. Hebble is with the kids. And the curbside pick-up and drop-off they offer is a really great bonus!” - Holly
"The teachers at first congregational preschool are amazing! They truly have a gift for teaching preschool, and our daughter absolutely loves school because of them. The teachers go above and beyond to get to know your family, and include you as much as possible in your child education. This is the school where your child comes to learn, grow and love." - Lynn and Bob M.
"I would highly recommend First Congregational UCC Preschool to any family looking for an engaging, family friendly, safe learning environment. All 3 of my daughters will have attended the program and the two that have graduated from the program went into Kindergarten more than ready with the foundational skills necessary for success. The teachers taught my children many valuable things that helped them grow not only as students but as friends and a part of a learning community." - Halena S.
"My experience with entrusting First Congregational UCC Preschool with my children has been a reassuring and wonderful experience and introduction into the early schooling years. I love that parents/ guardians are welcomed into the classroom to be a part of the school day, and activities. I couldn’t ask for better teachers to pave the way for my children's education. It will be a hard school to leave once my children move on to kindergarten." - Charlene P.